Housing and Lodging

Housing and Lodging

The Student Services Department occasionally receives and publishes advertisements from local advertisers, which may assist you in locating apartments and rooms in the vicinity of the college. The facilities listed are not inspected by Student Services nor the College. The lease that you sign or the arrangement that you undertake in the case of a private home is your responsibility. When looking for lodging you might like to consider the type of housing you would prefer, whether it is a room in a private home or renting an apartment with a roommate; if meals and services (internet, cable, etc.) are included; laundry; proximity to the college and to conveniences; parking; access to public transit; noise level; etc


For more information or if you would like to place a housing ad, contact Student Services.


Advertisements are taken down at the end of every semester and/or when notified that the room/apartment is no longer available.

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