Program Overview


4 to 12 months*

*Duration varies according to each candidate’s experience and availability.


Mode of delivery: Online

Intensive Schedule: Mon to Fri 9am – 4pm – 17 weeks
Individual Schedule: Saturdays and some Tuesday evenings (approximately 1 year)

The Individual schedule can also be customized to meet each candidate’s needs.


The Specialist in Transportation and Logistics AEC (LCA.DS) is made of 23 competencies. To receive your AEC, you will have to be evaluated for all competencies:

  • AP72/73 Vendre des produits / services dans un établissement commercial
  • AP31/32 Jobs & geography in transportation & logistics
  • AP75 Business communication
  • AP34 Français
  • AP67 Purchasing & inventory control
  • AP35 Manage road transport
  • AP33/36 North american transportation
  • AP68/38 International transport management
  • AP39/40/76 Warehouse management
  • AP79 Math & Accounting for T&L
  • AP70/71 Import-export processes
  • AP37 Process information and data using spreadsheet software in transportation and logistics
  • 00NE/AP78 Supply chain management / environmental issues and innovations in T&L
  • AP69 Transporting, storing and handling dangerous goods & specialized transports
  • AP74 Job/internship

RAC Process

Learn more about the RAC process.


Maximum $575*

*There are no additional fees to use online resources, receive support from content specialists, or to attend seminars and work sessions. Maximum cost is only applicable to Quebec residents.

Further Details

To take advantage of the RAC process, candidates must pay certain fees. The fees are based on the number of evaluations that a candidate has to complete, and may vary from one person to another.

  • $30 admission fee (non-refundable)
  • $45 for a necessary file analysis (non-refundable)
  • $40 per competency (up to a maximum of $500)

Maximum total: $575

Please note that the fees above include all activities related to the RAC services. No additional fees have to be paid to:

  • Attend a seminar on a specific topic
  • Consult the online resources
  • Participate in job preparation activities
  • Participate in expert-led group activities

An additional $45 file analysis fee will apply if a candidate desires to change program.

Meet our Content Specialists

Samantha Morley - Advisor

Michael Loughman - Content Specialist

A native Montrealer, Michael received his MBA from Concordia in 1988, specializing in Transportation. He also has a B.A. (History) from Concordia. He has held senior Transportation and Logistics positions in multi-national companies such as Cadbury, Parmalat, Pfizer and L’Oreal.

Michael has his CITT designation (Canada’s foremost professional development association in the supply chain sector) and has been a member of that organization’s Board of Directors for several years.

Michael returned to Montreal in 2007 after fourteen years in Toronto. He now teaches at Champlain College in Saint Lambert, where he develops and delivers several Transportation and Logistics courses. He also teaches “Fundamentals of Business” in the DEC program. Michael is also that school’s Internship Coordinator.

He has also taught at Concordia and at Vanier College. He also consults; his mandates have included: internal logistics network (health care institution); reverse logistics process (pharmaceutical company); rewriting several chapters of a logistics reference handbook. Micheal is eager to share his expertise with you.


Jean-Pierre Castell - Content Specialist

Jean-Pierre is an expert consultant in transportation and logistics. He has 24 years experience in Operations Management including 6 years as Logistics Director with Mayne Logistique, 6 years experience as traffic analyst and manager with Future Electronique, and 6 years as Senior Dispatcher with Clarke Transport. Jean-Pierre is delighted to share his vast experience and knowledge in Transportation and Logistics with you.


Jana Sharock - Content Specialist

Jana comes from a family working in the industry and thus feels quite at home helping candidates become specialists in the field. She graduated from UQAM with an MBA in transport and logistics and immediately put her skills to work in the industry. Over the ensuing decade, Jana held posts as dispatcher, director of operations, project manager, and logistics specialist for large companies in Quebec. As content specialist in the RAC transportation and logistics program, she has wide and in-depth knowledge to pass on to her students. She is uniquely qualified to help students understand the reality of working in the transportation and logistics field, particularly in North America and cross border trade. Jana is eager to help students acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to lead a successful career in this industry.


Suzanne Wassef - Content Specialist

Suzanne graduated from McGill University in 1968 with a Bachelor of Commerce degree. She obtained the internationally coveted designation of CFA, after completing the requirements, and became a Chartered Financial Analyst in 1992.

Suzanne worked in finance for over 35 years with various financial institutions, such as banks, investment brokers, investment counsellors, and institutional investors. Over those years, she occupied positions in bond trading, in institutional sales, in portfolio management and in securities analysis. She was also involved in special investment projects, such as the development of managed portfolios and mutual funds. She held several managerial, vice-presidential and directorship positions within the different institutions.

In the early 2000s, Suzanne held teaching seminars directed towards investment professionals who had to enroll in courses that complied with the continuing education requirements of the regulatory bodies. She also gave seminars to several government organizations to acquaint them with the mechanics of investment instruments.

Suzanne also offered non-credit courses in personal financial planning at several CEGEPs. These courses targeted the non-professionals.

In the mid-2000s, Suzanne began to teach accounting courses on the vocational and collegial level at several educational institutions. She has been teaching the accounting courses in the Specialist in Transportation and Logistics Program at Champlain College since the inception of the program in 2009.


Richard Harmer - Content Specialist

Richard specializes in English and business communication, both very important skills for the Transportation and Logistics field. Originally from California, Richard wrote professionally for 6 years before moving to Quebec in the year 2000. At that time, Richard began a new career, teaching English as a second language to business professionals. It was through this experience that he honed his expertise in communication skills. Being an active member of the blogging community as well, Richard is an excellent communicator and is excited to share his knowledge with you. You’ll learn how to improve all your communication skills with him in a fun and relaxed environment.


Marie-Josée Caron - Content Specialist

Marie-Josée enseigne le français langue seconde au programme RAC ainsi qu’à la formation continue du Collège Champlain. Depuis 2005, elle travaille auprès d’immigrants allophones et anglophones adultes au collégial ainsi qu’au programme de francisation du ministère de l’Immigration et communautés culturelles. Après un baccalauréat et une maîtrise en Études littéraires, elle a obtenu un certificat de deuxième cycle en Pédagogie de l’enseignement supérieur qui l’a conduit à entreprendre un doctorat en Pédagogie à l’UQAM. Elle s’intéresse particulièrement au jeu comme outil d’apprentissage chez les adultes.


Malleswara Talla - Content Specialist

Malleswara Talla received a Master of Technology degree from Indian Institute of Technology (I.I.T.), Kharagpur, India in 1981, and a Ph.D. degree from Concordia University, Montreal in 1995. He worked for Tata Consultancy Service, Bombay, Societe Internationale de Telecommunications Aeronautique and Orange Business Services in Montreal and managed several software projects and business performance projects. He also worked as a sessional professor at McGill University, Concordia University, and Champlain College in Montreal. Dr. Talla is a member of Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO), Canadian Operations Research Society (CORS), Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Project Management Institute (PMI), Association for Operations Management (APICS), and The Institute for Internal Controls (THEIIC). His teaching and research interests are in Transportation and Supply Chain Management, Operations Management, Information Systems, Process Re-engineering, Business Intelligence, Data Communications, Computer Networks, Software Systems Architecture, Design, and Development.



Click here to access the online resources for this program.


Victoria Charest

My name is Victoria Charest, I was studying Specialist in Transportation and Logistics, and I’m 44 years old. Well, actually, it’s a sign of destiny, like, last year, when I was on vacation, the school called me because my name was up for the waiting list, but I didn’t call back, like, right away. After my vacation was done, I found out that the office where I was working was gonna close, so I saw it as a sign that said like it’s now or never. So I called back to see if my position was still available, and they said yes. And I started in November.

In terms of my working experience, I have like 20, 22 years experience in the Transport business. I came from far because the beginning I only had like secondary 2, to later take a course in college. Everybody else they had masters, MBA, engineering diplomas, and first and second degree, so, university, I felt at the beginning really intimidated by that. But after a while I passed the same courses the same exam, and I felt really proud of myself doing really just as good as everybody else.

The schedule is good, for me, like, I had the ability to come here full time from 9 to 4. They had an incredible, like, they work really hard to ease, for, let’s say, I have kids. My kids were sick, or I needed extra time to study, or to stay later, and like, they were always available to open a class for me, anytime I needed it. So that was, like, the working schedule was incredible. You guys did really incredible work. Concrete working experience, life experience, and different background, enhanced the experience. In some level. Even the different students enhanced the class by their own work experience. So it gave a different approach.

I think I made some friends for a lifetime. And I got the respect from my teachers because I worked really really hard. And I’m still in contact with some of them, not every day, but I get some news every now and then from Suzanne, Michael, Andy, and it touches me deeply to know that they – I wasn’t just a student and now that I’m graduated it’s like, you’re out of their lives. They keep a certain contact and I appreciate that. That’s, it’s like being a part of a big family. Extended family.

Natalie Dallaire

My name is Natalie Dallaire. I was in the RAC program specialist Transportation and Logistics.

Question: What was valuable to you about RAC?

Well what was valuable for me is that the RAC program, you don’t have to start all over again. You know, they do an evaluation, and then afterwards, you continue from where you are from there. If there are gaps, they fill it in. So at the end you’re sure that all the transportation and logistics is complete. What I like about RAC is that it’s an individual class, and they make the schedule as per your pace, you know. I was working in Africa, I’m an expat working in Africa for logistics, for an oil company, so working in an oil field we rotate, we work a month on, a month off. I was able to fix – Andy was able to plan my classes when I was coming back, on my time off. I would send him an e-mail, and say, ok, I’m coming in this date. And from there we would meet, and he would give me a plan from where I left off. So that was important to me. So that really get me through each class, as per the schedules, for the seminars.

Right now with the experience that I’ve gained working on the field, and learning through RAC, now at this point, I’m trying to move on in the oil and gas industry. So I think I’ve got a good chance, I’ve already been approached by two oil and gas companies. They’re happy with the experience and the learning I’ve got.

Father: She’s gonna make it. Sky’s the limit. Live your dreams. I keep telling her, I don’t know in English, vouloir c’est pouvoir! (laughs)

Question: What did the content specialists bring to the table?

Their experience, because they all worked in the transportation field in different fields. L’Oreal, someone in customs, another one in dangerous goods. Everybody brought their own experience, so it makes it alive. They give real life examples, which makes us understand much more how it is out there. And we’re able to apply it ourselves when we’re out on the field. So you know all the operations I’ve learned in RAC, I was able to apply them out on the oil field in Africa. And that was really important for me. And, you know, made me realize how good this program is for us.

Question: As Nathalie’s father, how did you feel about her participating in RAC, and graduating today?

Father: Well I was happy to see to her to do it, and keep doing it, that’s the main thing. Because of the split work, you know, she was able to come back, and continue, so I was very happy about that. Very glad she finished.

NatalieI’d say the most thing that I really appreciate is the support. The support from the teachers, the counsellors, the administration staff, everybody. If you had something, they’d take a mile extra, they’d go the extra mile to help you out, to get you to where you have to be to achieve. If they see you’re working, they work with you. They adjust it so it’ll fit.

Diane McNeil McFarlane

My name is Diane Mc Neil Mc Farlane and I was in the RAC program for Transport and Logistics.

For me, RAC, I think it’s a very important program that you can take in school. You don’t have to go to 3 year after you have – like I have 30 years of experience in the same field. And it’s very good to be up with what’s going on the world. You’re working for so many years, and the RAC gives you information that’s pertinent for today and new ways of seeing things, new ways of doing things, and a broader view of what’s going on in transport and logistics.

Question: How did RAC’s scheduling help?

It’s giving you the chance to do it at your own pace – you can do it in 17 weeks, you can do it in 25-30 weeks, or take as long as you want. Like I start in February last year and just finished a few weeks ago, I could have finished in Feb, but after a year, it was a little hard to give a last push. So that’s why I finished in June, but I could have finished in a year doing it part time at your own rhythm no matter at what point you are in the program, you always have somebody there to help you.

Question: What motivated you to pursue RAC, ultimately?

RAC give me the chance to expand my knowledge. For me, I just wanted to take logistics, purchasing warehousing and I had to take transportation and I realize that you know much more than you think you know. Because your experience is in one field but you’re touching a lot of fields without even knowing and without even doing it every day. But the work experience it’s amazing what you know but you don’t know you knew it.

I know I will never regret coming back to school, and coming here, for that program – in Transport and Logistics. I would like to do another, but I don’t have experience in other fields. Maybe you have Dispatch, maybe you never know. Maybe I’ll think about it… But for now I’m glad that it’s finished, I worked hard, and at the end I think you’re rewarded for it.

Elizabeth Gomez (English)

My name is Elizabeth Gomez and I’m in RAC for Transportation Logistics.

Question: What motivated you to choose RAC at Champlain College Saint-Lambert?

I was interested to study, but not 3, 14 years, whatever. Something really specific to get a job here, faster, that’s why I choose RAC. And the most important thing for me here was to get more contacts because my teacher he was very very good and he provided us – every time he has opportunities he sends us by email.

Question: Since you got your experience in Mexico, you surely had to learn specifics about working in T&L in Quebec.

Yes, different things, but right away I had to know the language. I like RAC because the [content specialists] spoke in both languages, and many things are different from here and mexico and all the documents are different, some different. So I learned a lot of things.

Question: Did anything surprise you about pursuing a T&L AEC through RAC, at Champlain?

I didn’t know that the [content specialist] will be a very good point to have more contact with companies, principal shipping companies. It was a plus for me, and that’s why I found my job now.

Question: What did you think of RAC’s website?

That was very, very good. If you don’t understand something you can go at back over there at home whatever, you can check and review everything, or you can advance the class, if you have time at home, you can check for the next class, it’ll be easy for you faster. It’s very, very good. 

Question: How was your experience with Champlain’s content specialists?

Everything was amazing for me. I love it, the [content specialists] were very nice, they explain, if you don’t understand something, they explain 2-3 times whatever you need. If you need more assistance after class, no problem. Yeah, always open for everyone, very nice, yeah. 

Elizabeth Gomez (Spanish)

Spanish: “Las personas de otros paises, o especificamente de Latinoamerica que no hablamos ni ingles ni francés, venimos aquí y no sabemos que tanto tenemos que estudiar, que tanto tenemos que aprender para poder desarrollarnos en las áreas que estudiamos en nuestros países. Esto del RAC es muy importante y es un encuentro muy interesante porque no tienes que estudiar como que todo, ir otra vez a la universidad y empezar de cero, no. Es como… o sea, llegas, te hacen una entrevista, haces exámenes y dicen:  si, tienes los conocimientos necesarios, empiezas tu RAC, como ya tienes el conocimiento de tu país, es rápido, rápido lo aprendes rápido, estas metiendo los dos idiomas: inglés y francés, los maestros te mandan correos de las oportunidades de trabajo que puedas tener y puedes aplicar fácil. Yo lo encuentro muy interesante.”

English: “People from other countries, or specifically from Latin America who don’t speak English or French come here and we don’t know how much do we have to study or how much do we have to learn in order to evolve in the areas we studied in our countries. This thing – the RAC, is very important and it’s a very interesting finding because you don’t have to study everything, to go back to the university and start from zero, no. It is like… I mean, you come, pass an interview, answer evaluations and you get the answer: yes, you have the required knowledge , you can start RAC. As you already have the knowledge from your country, it is very fast, you learn fast, you’re pushing both languages, English and French. [Content specialists] send you emails with the job opportunities you can have and you can easily apply. I find it very interesting.”

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