Program Overview

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4 to 5 months*

*Varies according to each candidate’s experience and availability.


Mode of delivery: Hybrid

Start date: February 1st, 2023


The Cisco Certified Network Associate AEC (LEA.21) is made of 4 competencies. To receive your AEC, you will have to be evaluated for all competencies.

  • BJ1P – Analyze the fundamentals of networking.
  • BJ2P – Configure switches for use in a small network.
  • BJ3P – Configure routers for us in a small network.
  • BJ4P – Implement wireless devices in a small to medium- sized LAN network.
  • BJ5P – Configure router security functionality for complex networks.
  • BJ6P – Analyze protocols, services and related technologies in small to medium- sized networks.
  • BJ7P – Design a medium- sized network based on client needs.

RAC Process

Learn more about the RAC process.


Maximum $355*

*There are no additional fees to use online resources, receive support from content specialists, or to attend seminars and work sessions. Maximum cost is only applicable to Quebec residents.

Further details

To take advantage of the RAC process, candidates must pay certain fees. The fees are based on the number of evaluations that a candidate has to complete, and may vary from one person to another.

  • $30 admission fee (non-refundable)
  • $45 for a necessary file analysis (non-refundable)
  • $40 per competency (up to a maximum of $500)

Maximum total: $575

Please note that the fees above include all activities related to the RAC services. No additional fees have to be paid to:

  • Attend a seminar on a specific topic
  • Consult the online resources
  • Participate in job preparation activities
  • Participate in expert-led group activities

An additional $45 file analysis fee will apply if a candidate desires to change program.

Meet our Content Specialists

Beverly Loney - Content Specialist

Beverly has over 20 years in IT ranging in telephony, cellular phones and data networks, where she has worked for companies such as McCaw Communications and Boeing Network Services as a LAN and WAN designer of networks. As one of the first System Engineers to work for Cisco Systems in Canada, Beverly worked on customer’s networks across the country for a broad scope of businesses, including government, education, utilities, services, manufacturing and aviation and also earned her CCIE. She holds a bachelor in Jazz Performance and uses her creative abilities to find interesting ways to learn new technologies.


Denis Perreault - Content Specialist

Denis has expertise in computer networking and programming and also owns his own business which makes him aware of customer satisfaction. He has been an active member of the information technology field for over 25 years and has now been teaching in the Information Technology Support Specialist course and the Cisco course since 1999 at Champlain College-St Lambert. He has kept abreast of new technologies including wireless and design and seeks to impart this information to candidates. Demystifying the field of IT is a necessary quality and skill when troubleshooting and customer support is of paramount importance in today’s world of tech support.


Erfan Najafi - Content Specialist

Erfan holds a bachelor’s in Information Technology Engineering and Security. With over 10 years’ experience in networking as a system administrator and network technician, Erfan has become specialized in networking, automation, and programming. He presently works for Ericsson in their data center and is certified in Cisco CCNP Routing and Switching.


Hany Sawiris - Content Specialist

Before joining Champlain RAC as a CISCO-CCNA content specialist, Hany worked as a network administrator for 10 years at an internet service provider. He has extensive experience in the networking field, with equipment such as routers, switches, DSLAMs, and load balancers. He designed and implemented many network solutions for companies including LAN and WAN connections. Hany has also acquired CCNA and CCNP industry certificates, and more recently, has become a Cisco Certified Academy Instructor, having taught three years since then.


Robinson Reyes - Content Specialist

Robinson Reyes is originally from the Dominican Republic. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Telematics Engineering and a Master’s degree in International Business Management. Mr. Reyes has worked in the Telecom and Networking Fields for the past 12 years including ISP, Mining, Fiber to the Home, Consulting Firms and Data Center. He enjoys sharing his networking knowledge with others.


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Bertin Yamdjeu

My name is Bertin Yamdjeu, I’m coming from Cameroon, and in Champlain College I was in RAC Cisco.

Question: Would you recommend RAC?

Yes, of course, I can recommend RAC, because especially for a person who is, how can I say it, a self-made man, who wants to discover things by himself. I cannot recommend RAC for someone who does not have experience – work experience, or field – RAC can give the person to improve the person’s ability to discover himself – to go to the achievement, to the complete achievement.

Question: How is RAC different?

The RAC process itself it recognizes your competencies, it means that before coming to RAC we have some experience, so the purpose of experience is to fill that hole we can have. Because as you know in the field, you cannot have experience in all the material, especially cisco. You cannot have experience in all aspect of the course, so in RAC it gives more perspective… it give us more best point of view to better acquire the knowledge.

Question: What was the most useful aspect of pursuing an AEC through RAC?

The most useful aspect is that RAC is a process that recognizes competence we had before coming here in Quebec. So it’s useful process for new immigrants, like me, to show that they have some knowledge in some field. For immigrant, It’s not so easy to go into the market, with a degree or certificate in Quebec it can be easier… it can help. I studied in IT and I also worked in the same field, especially networking, so I think for me the best choice was to be accepted at the RAC Cisco.


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