50 Grads, 50 Years

In honour of Champlain College Saint-Lambert’s 50th anniversary, we followed up with 50 of our graduates to highlight their achievements.


In honour of the Champlain Saint-Lambert’s 50th anniversary, the college has followed up with 50 of its alumni to see where their paths have led after their time in Cegep. These 50 former students have gone on to accomplish amazing things and their paths show just how much is possible for a Champlain grad.

Samuel Spadoni

This alum put his business skills to good use working for the United Nations

Samuel Spadoni, (Commerce, 2004) works with a United Nations Peacekeeping mission in Africa and says he feels lucky to be there.

Working in a mission means that no two days are identical. You might find me at my desk or behind the wheel of a truck,” he said.

Spadoni said that he was inspired to make a change amidst the upheaval caused by Covid-19.

“During the pandemic, I felt the urge to leave the country so I started looking at opportunities abroad. I applied to a mission, had the chance to interview and connected with some amazing people who guided me through the hiring process. Thankfully, I can now call them my colleagues,” he said.

Spadoni’s pandemic career change was a significant shift from what he was doing before, though he was uniquely positioned having had an international education from early on.

Originally from Montreal’s South Shore, Spadoni attended primary school in both Boucherville and Istanbul, and completed high school in Bangkok and Hong Kong.

“I had the chance to follow my parents who were posted internationally in a multinational company,” he explained. “The timing of things made my return happen right after I finished my GCSE’s in Hong Kong, which is the equivalent of a DES in the British system. Since Champlain was the closest English-speaking Cegep, that’s where I found myself.”

When Spadoni arrived at Champlain, he said he had to get adapted to the new academic system after having done most of his schooling outside of Canada.

Still, he was able to make the best of his years at Champlain Saint-Lambert.

“I made friends in class and had the chance to play for two years on the rugby team.”

After Cegep, Spadoni completed a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce at Concordia University. He would later complete a Graduate Certificate from Concordia in Business Administration and Management in 2014.

Between the two stints at Concordia, Spadoni worked for several large organizations gaining experience as a contracts specialist at Vale in Rio de Janeiro and at the McGill University Health Network in Montreal.

After getting his graduate certificate, Spadoni moved into the food industry working in increasingly senior positions at Restaurants Brands International, the parent company to Tim Hortons and Burger King.

In his current role with the UN, Spadoni is still using his skills he developed, only in a very different sector.

“I’m still figuring out what my path is 20 years after starting at Champlain,” he said.

Spadoni’s advice for current students and recent grads: “Don’t worry if you haven’t figured out what you want to do, life isn’t that simple for all. Maybe you’ll be an entrepreneur, maybe you’ll work a government job for 35 years and collect your pension, maybe you’ll find yourself in a foreign country, or maybe you’ll do a PhD on Caribbean literature. Just start something, keep moving forward, and build your own story. Whatever it is.”

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